The Solution to ALL Our Problems

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The sole purpose of this booklet is to impart the information and understanding we have acquired from more than a decade and a half of intense research.

We will explore the internal workings of a system euphemistically referred to as, ‘the economy’ and our enslavement to it.  Further, we will explore how this system has effectively stolen our natural wealth and the fruits of our labour to the exclusive benefit of a small, but particularly powerful, special interest group.  Finally we will explore at least one solution to this enslavement.

This booklet is intended to assist those who have awakened to the fact that something is terribly wrong but have no idea what.  We will attempt to explain the problem and solution in a manner that is simple and understandable and consequently involves only a cursory review of the subject matter.  For a more complete understanding of the subject matter, one should embark upon their own in-depth study and there is much available to assist in that effort.

However, this booklet will reveal a long hidden key to freedom, a condition we are intended to live in, and once again, enjoy the bounty that was bequeathed to us at birth.

To assist you in your study, we recommend you visit some very relevant websites including the following;;;;

The Appendices to this booklet provide samples of Affidavits which can be used in the most common court issues, and when combined with the information and suggestions herein, should provide you with remedy.

We have developed a process we believe will result in our freedom and control of our wealth, our birthright.  If you wish to join our process described within the pages of this booklet, you  should  send  an  e-mail  expressing  your  desire  to  do  so, to our co-ordinator,

Barbara Anne <>

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Who is responsible for the Name on the Birth Certificate?

Birth CertificateBased on the evidence available through a cursory review of the Birth Certificate (hereinafter “BC”), there are only two parties to the “BC”.  First there is the recipient (hereinafter “Recipient”) of the “BC” and secondly, there is the issuer (hereinafter “Issuer”) of the “BC”.

The “Recipient”, by virtue of being issued and entrusted with the “BC”, is entitled to use the name appearing thereon in commerce.  This is so and needs no further explanation because everyone in Canada is doing so.

When people open a bank account for example, they must do so in the name appearing on the “BC”.  Having attempted to open a bank account in another name, I can assure you, it cannot be done and the banks have been very emphatic about this fact.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to know who holds the rights and responsibilities in and for the name appearing on the “BC”.

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Do You Know Who You Are?

The answer to this question reveals why you have the problems that we all have today and it may also reveal the solution to all those problems!

This treatise is being written to honour and glorify God the Father.  I take no credit for anything contained herein.

I would like to point out to you, the reader, why I rely on, and reference, the Bible so much in this treatise.

Every time one makes a claim or takes a particular position as regards a particular issue, he will be, or at least can anticipate being, called upon to prove his position and such proof will be in the form of documentary evidence or viva voice through witnesses under oath.  This then, is my reason for the numerous references to the Bible – I am using the Bible as my witness.

Additionally, I have available a letter from the Church validating our position, along with Schedule B of the Constitution Act, 1982 and the Coronation ceremony for the Crowning of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.  Such witnesses are credible, varied and reliable.  I leave it to you or anyone else who wishes, to challenge these witnesses.

I am constantly being inundated these days with reports of the pending doom and the financial collapse of the American, and consequently the entire world’s, financial system.

Well, let it happen.  Who cares?  It really has nothing to do with me!

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Do We Need to Know Who or What the Beast of Revelations is?

This treatise is being written to Glorify God the Father whom I honour with all that I do and say.

I will attempt to answer the question posed in the title of this treatise by using the Bible and other supporting documentation and information where appropriate.

There are two Beasts mentioned in Revelations 13.  The first is a great powerful military and political system (Revelations 13:1-4).  The other is a great religious system that gets its power and authority from the first Beast, the military and political system (Revelations 13:11-14).

These Beasts, both military/political and religious systems, together bring devastation upon the people of the earth and cause billions to be murdered either by disease or war or both.  These things are taking place as I write this treatise with, as just one example, the pending hoax known as the Swine Flue and the millions that will be murdered by design from the effects of the vaccine, not the flue itself.

I do not want to dwell more than is absolutely necessary on the negative because there is nothing to be negative about.  I read the end of the book (the Bible) and we who are amongst the elect, will be saved through this time of mass murder by the Beasts in combination with one another.

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Penetrating the Looking Glass

penetrating-the-looking-glassI have been urged to write this treatise in order to reveal the fact that we are all living in slavery, how it happened and what we can do about it – individually.

If we could literally see through the looking glass or pull back the curtain to reveal the puppeteer, we would discover that nothing we see around us today, just as in Alice in Wonderland or the world of Oz, is real.

The corporations that govern and control us are simply creations of law and are, therefore, figments of our imagination.  In other words, they exist only in our minds.  Corporations, and all governments are corporations and not constitutional governments as we are lead to believe.

In this treatise I will attempt to reveal the truth of what is really going on in a manner that I hope will be understandable for you.

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Trial by Jury


Fartin Amit


Trial By JurySince the time of the Great Charter, the Magna Carta of 1215, the foundational tool for the preservation of the liberty of the people has been the inherent right to Trial by Jury.


Since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of mankind, there have been men who have desired to rule over others.  Often, these men have been the weakest and most cowardly of all mankind.  They have traditionally been the kind of being that could not be content with loving and serving others.  Instead their joy seems to come from enslaving others to their will and service.


Because most of mankind are loving and kind by nature their enslavement by those who are inherently evil, is assured.  By nature, most of mankind are loving and trusting, a characteristic that dooms them to the despotic and inherently evil nature of those minority of mankind who must, it seems, rule the lives and activities of others.


At the lowest and most visible levels of control we will find these people in government and all of its agencies such as Police Forces, CRA and others.  However, above these are the most sinister and evil of those overlords, the bankers and those who are involved in the new World Order a.k.a. the Illuminati and the International Banking Cartel.


Most of these people are of specific and known bloodlines who will have been raised up and educated differently than the masses of people.  You will easily be able to identify those with these over lording tendencies by the very fact that they want to control others.  They are not always in positions to do so, but they are always the ones that suggest that people must be controlled.  That is why it always raises the hairs on the back of my neck when I hear someone suggest that the government should pass more laws to protect us from others who wish to harm us.


These people are people who, if given the opportunity, would put historical figures like Hitler, Pol Pot and others to shame.  They are also the people who allow governments to pass freedom eradicating legislation such as the Patriot Act of the U.S. and the Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Act in Canada without as much as a whimper from the people.


The only way to preserve the freedoms of the people, as you will agree after reading the free downloadable book below, is for the people to have the right to Trial by Jury on all charges brought by government.


A Jury is to be the highest authority in the land.  They are a greater authority than government and the judges that the governments appoint and pay to oversee their court systems.  A real Jury, as representatives and protector of the people, is to try the facts and the justice of the law itself.


You will learn from reading this book that, contrary to popular belief, we do not have true Trial by Jury and that is why the government can do as it wishes in this country.


This book was written by a 19th century American lawyer by the name of Lysander Spooner and edited by a Canadian accountant and former CRA auditor, Wally Dove.


Please download the book and enjoy your education.


Trial by Jury (Download)